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What does MPR mean? MPR (Marks Per Round) is the international term for the handicap system in one of the most popular darts games: Cricket. MPR shows the level of each player because it counts the average of the marks in each round. 3 is the maximum mark per dart (a triple), therefore, if a player throws 3 darts in each round, he/she can reach the maximum number of 9 as a MPR. This system allows us to categorize each player and to have different categories depending on the level of the players. 

What does PPD mean? PPD (Points Per Dart) is the international term for the handicap system in the dart games of X01 (301, 501, 701 and 901). PPD shows the level of the player by counting the average score of each dart (maximum points for each dart is 60 -1 triple 20-). With this system we can categorize each player and to have different categories allowing us to organize fair and level competitions.

What does Rating mean? As all Radikal players have their own PPD and MPR (after playing at least 25 games in any X01 game and 25 in Cricket) we can organize competitions, On Line games or even training or casual games with a “Rating” system. It is a very similar system to the handicap system of golf, leveling all the players and allowing all of them to play together irrespective of their real level. For instance, in a 501 game, where one player is very good and the other one is a medium level. Therefore the PPD of the first one is very high and the PPD of the second one is lower. The system will calculate the PPD of both players and will level them, the best player starting with 501 and the intermediate player with a lower number. With this system, totally automatic, players of any level can play against each other.